The Last Twenty Pounds: An Uncomfortable Truth

It's time to stop fearing the scale!


Welcome to my maiden voyage! Thank you all for embarking upon this journey with me, I am pretty darn excited! For those of you who don’t know me, here’s a brief background:

I am 28, mother of one, and am desperately struggling to finish taking off the baby weight. Before I lose you, this blog won’t be littered with baby anecdotes, baby pictures, or any other mom-specific information. First and foremost, I am a woman. A very average woman with a very average body. When I got pregnant I was 5’6ish and about 139 pounds. I gained roughly 70 pounds. Seriously. Not a typo. Seventy mother truckin’ pounds. It looks less painful when typed out in words instead of digits. 70 pounds. Cringe. This is not something your body quickly recovers from. I am about 10 pounds away from my pre-baby weight, and about 20 pounds away from being happy with my body again.

Now, this is where I lose most people. “How can you say you’re not happy with your body?!” “You had a baby, your body is supposed to change!” “You’re a tiger, your stretch marks are your stripes!” “You should love your body no matter what!” Well… I’m calling it. I’m calling bullsh!t, to quote a movie I fell in love with after I had William, What To Expect When You’re Expecting. Amazing movie, baby or no baby you’ll love it. And it beautifully demonstrates that every woman is different. Sure, for some women stretch marks and crazy weight gain are an unavoidable truth. But I’m not here to tell you unavoidable truths. I’m here to tell you uncomfortable truths.

That in a very small nutshell is what I aim to do with this blog. Basically as women today, we’re royally screwed. We’re either told “Eat nothing. Work out non stop. It’s the only way to be happy.” Or “Screw diets! You only live once! Eat EVERYTHING!!!!” Either way is a quick and horrifying road to self destruction. There is an easier way. And we’re going to get there together!

So for this first endeavour, we’ll start with one simple Uncomfortable Truth:

Sugar Will Always Make You Fat

This was one of the hardest ones for me to come to terms with. It doesn’t matter if it’s your birthday. It doesn’t matter if it’s Christmas. Easter. Hallowe’en. Friday. Sunday. But I’m celebrating! But I’m depressed! But How I Met Your Mother is ending and I don’t know how I’ll go on without my Maclaren’s family!!! Doesn’t matter. Because you know what? There will always be excuses. If you look for them, and believe me I have, you will find fifteen thousand of them in the run of a day. There is always a reason to cheat. Greatness is succeeding in spite of the reasons. The minute you look your cravings full in the face, swimming in a sea of cheeseburgers and hundred layer chocolate cake and say “I. Choose. Salad.” you’re a winner. You’re already one step closer to your ideal, whatever that ideal may be. For some of you, it may be losing five pounds to get back into that swimsuit. For some, it may be losing a fifth grader off your hips. For others, just figuring out how to eat healthier in a world of processed foods. This is an exciting journey! Once you stop looking at it as losing something, and start looking at it as gaining something, you’ll be amazed how exciting a journey it can be. And I can’t wait to take it with you!!

Please join my Facebook group and you can find me on Pinterest at The Last Twenty Pounds: An Uncomfortable Truth. Keep me updated on your progress, ask me questions, give me feedback, or just say hi! I would love to hear from all of you and hear your stories, your stumbles, your wins and your losses. We can all be each others inspiration on this sometimes discouraging journey. I wish it was easy. I wish we could just decide to start a diet, buy yogurt instead of ice cream and crackers instead of chips and within 2 days be ten pounds lighter. It’s not going to happen. And not just because yogurt and crackers are just as likely to be bad for you. But because it does take work. It does take effort. Anything worth having in life is going to be hard at times. But that feeling of fitting back into your skinny jeans… No chocolate cake will ever taste that good.


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