Just Because You Stumble, You Don’t Have To Fall Down

Welcome to this week’s blog! I actually had another one all set to go, but it’s the day after my cheat day, as in a day I should be eating no carbs… And I just took a half a piece of Naan bread out of my freezer, microwaved it for 30 seconds, spread some butter on it and devoured it almost in one bite. Fail.

But now I’m here. At this point. A few months ago my thought process would be “Well… Guess today’s ruined… What else can I eat?” Another fail. Just because I’ve ventured slightly off course doesn’t mean I have to change direction entirely. Our next Uncomfortable Truth…


Not always an easy decision...

Not always an easy decision…


Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right

This is a mistake that is so easy to make. We poke fun at the person ordering a Big Mac Meal with a Diet Coke. Granted yes we should because diet pop is actually just as bad for you, but we make fun of them because we’ve been told “Go big or go home!” our whole lives. That is just ridiculous. You know what’s worse than a 1500 calorie meal? A 1600 calorie meal. You know what’s better than a 1500 calorie meal? A 1400 calorie meal. Every step we take in the right direction is one step closer to our goals. Every wrong step takes us farther away. No matter the size, every action is either bringing us closer to what we want, or taking us farther away.

Uh yeah could you fatty size that for me?

Uh yeah could you fatty size that for me?

Yet we all do this to ourselves constantly. “Ugh… I shouldn’t have had that cookie. Ah well, ruined my diet for the day, might as well eat another half dozen.” That’s called being weak. Being pathetic. Looking for an excuse to cheat. If you want to cheat on your diet, go for it. But don’t lie to yourself. Don’t tell yourself why it’s okay, or why it won’t happen again, or why it’s just this once. “I got in a fight with my boyfriend! I NEED chocolate!” No, what you need is some self discipline. Whenever I feel a big bad urge like that, I wait on it. I imagine myself eating that cookie over and over and over again. And you know what? The craving goes away. And I didn’t have to lie to myself and pack on even more pounds.

So the next time you feel an urge to cheat, fight it. Wait it out. And you know what? Don’t jump off a cliff if you don’t always succeed. We all fail sometimes. We all cave. We all make mistakes. The way to make it right is not to justify it, or to lie to ourselves. Own it. Admit to yourself that you screwed up. Admit that it was a mistake. Figure out what went wrong and how to stop it in the future. That makes you strong. That makes you succeed. The only thing better than not making mistakes is taking responsibility when we falter and learning from it.

You can find me on Facebook at www.facebook.com/lasttwentypounds and on Twitter @Last20Pounds and you can find me on Pinterest as The Last Twenty Pounds: An Uncomfortable Truth. See you next week!


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