You’re Not The Exception, You’re The Rule

I LOVE the movie He’s Just Not That Into You. And not just because I’m a sucker for chick flicks (I may or may not bawl like a baby every single time I watch The Notebook) but because it so beautifully illustrates the point I am making with this blog. Our next Uncomfortable Truth…

"We're not the exception, we're the rule"

“We’re not the exception, we’re the rule”

You’re Not The Exception, You’re The Rule

This is a really hard one for we modern women to wrap our heads around. One big reason is all the “love your body no matter what” propaganda, which is just one more comfortable lie we tell ourselves.

Real quick, obviously yes love your body no matter what. You can also love your house no matter what. But when the stairs squeak, the paint’s peeling, and the roof is buckling… It’s time to fix it up. When your knees are constantly aching, your feet are swelling because they’re carrying too much weight, your face blends right into your shoulders, and you’ve redefined the term “cankle”… You can love your body all you want. But you don’t have to be happy with it.

I understand that will probably anger a lot of people. It angered me when I first started to think that way. I had just had a baby and I wanted to feel like the beautiful glowing goddess I saw in the movies. Instead I was lumpy and sweaty and smelly… And that was 6 months later. Sooner or later, hearing you’re beautiful stops counting when you don’t like the person looking back at you in the mirror. And that’s okay. The first step to recovery is admiting there’s a problem. As soon as I admitted to myself that I was fat, and not just “new baby” fat, it became a lot easier to fix that problem.

Maybe if I angle it slightly.... And black is slimming right??

Maybe if I angle it slightly…. And black is slimming right??

Okay! Phew! Feels good to get that out. Onwards and upwards! I want to punch every show in the face that shows skinny women stuffing all kinds of empty carbs and sugar into their pie hole and never shows the next scene. The next scene being that actress spitting it all back out into the bucket you don’t see sitting beside her. Seriously, watch closer next time. The first time I really saw it was Anya on Buffy the Vampire Slayer “eating” chips. The only time she actually took a bite, she barely nibbled the corner. Otherwise, she was gesturing with her Dorito. Which is the way it has to be if you want to lose weight, and especially if you want to keep it off.

Oh yeah, I'm sure she eats tons of chips on the regular...

Oh yeah, I’m sure she eats tons of chips on the regular…

This is also really hard because we look at all these beautiful, thin women who claim to “eat so much” or go on about how much they love cheesecake and pizza etc etc. Bullshit. You eat a lot from a skinny person’s point of view, which is the exact opposite of my viewpoint. To me, eating a lot is devouring the entire dessert menu in one sitting. Theirs is eating a large chicken caesar salad with a glass of water and thinking of having a bite of their friend’s cheesecake but never actually doing it. These women are the rule. If they ate “a lot” like I eat “a lot” we’d be in the same sinking boat. And typically, those women who are telling you they eat a large pizza to themselves every Friday night and never gain a pound are just full of it. Or 22 with reality about them slap them in the muffin top in a couple years. It’s a truth fact.

We need to understand and accept the fact that we are not the exception. We can’t live off of marshmallows and Pop Tarts like The Gilmore Girls. We are the rule. And the rule is as follows: If you fill your body with junk, you’re going to feel like crap and you’re going to gain weight. Period. End of story. Accept it, move on, and start enjoying life for what it really is. A super awesome game that you can win at, and you can do it without making your game about food.

They're waiting for their buckets to show up.

They’re waiting for their buckets to show up.

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