It’s The Little Things That Are Making You Big

Real quick, I didn’t get my blog out last week. Epic fail. Between an insanely cranky teething toddler and trying to get set to head out to Newfoundland for Christmas I completely dropped the blog ball. These things do happen, but I hate when they happen to me! So, I’m sorry.

Now, for this week’s blog, I had a pretty eye opening experience that I wanted to share with you all!

My weight had plateaued for the last month or so. I couldn’t figure out what was going on for the life of me. Then bam! Out of nowhere I lost THREE POUNDS this last week!

When I say plateaued, I mean I would gain two or three pounds from my cheat day (ouch) and spend all week losing it to wind up within an ounce or two of my previous week’s weight. So frustrating!

I figured I was just so overweight before that any change that didn’t include a diet of Coke or chocolate was making me lose weight. But now I was at those tricky last twenty pounds that require real work.


Does this count?

Does this count?

But then something interesting happened: I ran out of almonds. Every day (maybe sometimes twice a day…) when I was feeling munchy I would make my little snack of a dozen almonds (okay maybe sometimes 14… or 16… Never more than 16!) and a 1/4 cupish of raisins. It was my little not-really-that-bad-for-me snack that I loved! But I ran out of almonds and figured I wouldn’t buy any more, we’re going away for a month, and one less thing to snack on couldn’t hurt.

Turns out, that tiny snack was the big thing holding me back.


Our next Uncomfortable Truth:

It’s The Small Things That Are Making You Big


We women are notoriously bad for this one. I read in a magazine once that women find it really hard to diet because we play so many mental games with ourselves. The big one: If it’s not on our plate, it doesn’t count. So I can go out to dinner with friends and order a chicken Caesar salad with water. Yay me! But her fries look so good… I’ll just have a couple. Mmm and those mashed potatoes smell heavenly! One bite won’t hurt… And who can say no to a heaping pile of nachos?! Then just one bite of everyone’s dessert so I know what I’m missing out on…

I'm only having one bite it doesn't count!

I’m only having one bite it doesn’t count!


Sound familiar? It’s the whole “it doesn’t have calories if I only have one bite” mentality. But one bite of 10 different cheesecakes pretty much equal a piece of cheesecake.

And we also snack on really calorie dense food. When I got munchy mid-day, if I had a heaping plate of celery I would’ve lost tons of weight by now and I would’ve been full after my snack. But instead I turned to a tiny calorie packed snack that just left me craving more food and made my weight completely plateau.

Aah that's better

Aah that’s better

Now that I’m not having that tiny snack, I don’t miss it and the weight is falling off of me again. I’m now one pound below my pre-baby weight. I finally did it!! And you can too. Just remember:

  • When you want a snack, go for low calorie/low glycemic index foods so you can fill up your stomach without adding to your waistline. Celery, broccoli, carrot sticks etc.
  • Before you snack, drink some water. A lot of times we mistake dehydration for “the munchies”
  • Eat protein first thing in the morning. I have a protein shake as soon as I get up (around 7am) and I don’t need to eat again until after noon. When your body has what it needs, you don’t crave bad food. Go figure.
  • Trick your brain! When you let yourself get too hungry, you start to crave “instant gratification” foods, in other words: bread and sugar. Eat before you get hungry! And keep a supply of veggies chopped up and washed, and even pre-dished up into mixed veggie snacks if you’re a keener like me, so when you want a snack it’s not a big ordeal to get it.
  • Make it easy for yourself. Keep the veggies stocked, and keep the crap out! Who’s going to turn to vegetables when you have crackers in the cupboard?
  • When you have a cheat day, buy only enough for that day and throw it out before you go to bed. Destroy it if you have to, put it in a bag with kitty litter or raw chicken so you make damn sure you don’t cheat before it makes it out to the curb.

What are some of your tricks to keep you eating healthy? What are some of your favorite go-to healthy snacks? Sound off below!

You can find me on Facebook at and Pinterest at and you can follow me on Twitter @Last20Pounds. See you next week!


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