How to Make A Resolution You’ll Actually Stick With

Happy New Year! I didn’t think I was going to put out a new blog until we got home, but I got inspired when I started thinking about my New Years Resolution.
It’s that time of year again where we’ve spent the last few weeks pigging out on all manners of chocolate and fruit cake, packing on our winter insulation, and now we just feel bloated and bad about ourselves. Myself included. It gets the best of all of us.

Yep... That looks about right.

Yep… That looks about right.

But there’s hope! New Year’s Eve! The night where we admit we’re not happy with ourselves and vow that this year will be different! I’m going to stop eating crap, start going to the gym, and be a whole new me!
Then January 3rd your drowing your sorrows in a bucket of sad girl ice cream.

Yeah I'm gonna need at least five of these.

Yeah I’m gonna need at least five of these.

But it actually can be different this year! By following four simple rules, you can set a New Years Resolution you’ll feel good about and will actually stick with.
Without further ado, our next Uncomfortable Truth:
New Years Resolutions Will Only Work If You Work Them

Dear Magical New Years fairy, please take all of my fat. Thanks.

Dear Magical New Years fairy, please take all of my fat. Thanks.

If you give yourself some vague idea of what you want without any game plan you’re basically making yourself feel good for the night, then making it less painful when you break from your goal two days later. So here are four rules to make your New Years Resolutions work for you!
Set a Definitive Goal. You need to set an attainable goal with an end point. Sure, you could say “I want to look good in a bikini for the summer!” but there’s no solid deadline, and no final product. Saying “I want to weigh 130 pounds by July 1st” is an excellent goal! You can check it off a list, you can write “Done!” beside it, and it has a real deadline. Basically, you’ll know if you’ve made it or not.
Be Honest With Yourself. You’ll never lose weight if you weigh yourself down with comfortable lies and justify every cheat. There will always be a reason. There will always be a birthday, a holiday, a Friday, a wedding, a breakup, a reunion etc etc etc. The reasons will always be there, but you will succeed every time you say no. That doesn’t mean don’t celebrate or commiserate, but do it smartly. Coordinate your bad day with holidays and weddings, buy your sad friend some ice cream and don’t eat it yourself, really start working on your willpower. The best feeling in the world isn’t eating that delicious looking cheesecake. It’s staring that cheesecake full in the face and smiling and saying “no, thank you.” The more you say it, the easier it gets and the better you feel.
Clean Out Your Cupboards. The only way to get off the sugar is to treat it like a drug. It is addictive. If it’s in your house, and you indulge even once, you’re back on the sugar train. I was able to keep off of it on our Christmas vacation until Christmas Eve. We said we would indulge on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and that would be it. It’s January 3rd while I’m writing this, and we still haven’t stopped. Because it’s all around us! Clean out your cupboards, empty your fridge, and only re-stock with good healthy choices. No crackers, no “100 calorie snacks” (let’s be honest here, they spike your blood sugar and just make you more hungry. Toss ’em!) no secret hidden away junk for a rainy day, get rid of all of it! Lots of veggies, lots of good meat (fish and chicken is golden) and your body will thank you.
Don’t Set Yourself Up For Failure. Set a good, attainable goal and stick with it. If you’re 100 pounds overweight, don’t make your resolution to lose it all by February. You won’t reach your goal, you’ll feel like a failure, and you’ll give up. I’ve done it! It’s a mean trick we play on ourselves. However, if you resolve to lose ten pounds by February, and you wind up losing 15, bam! You’re on top of the world, newly motivated, and ready to keep rocking. Set yourself up for success and you’ll keep on succeeding.

Completely attainable goal! If you do it right.

Completely attainable goal! If you do it right.

So there you have it! Make an attainable goal, stay honest, keep your cupboards stocked with healthy food only, and set yourself up for success. These four simple rules could mean the difference between another disappointing year and a total success. I lost 50 pounds this last year, and you can too! Good luck!!
Your turn! What are your New Years Resolutions and how do you plan on keeping them?
You can find me on Facebook at and Pinterest at and you can follow me on Twitter @Last20Pounds. See you next week!


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