Five Easy Tweaks To Jump Start Your Weight Loss

This week I thought I’d share with you five very small and easy tweaks I’ve made to my lifestyle and diet that have really helped me shed the pounds.

Often we bog ourselves down with huge changes. THIS RARELY WORKS. Don’t try to completely overhaul your life over night. When you take on too much at once, more often than not you’re setting yourself up to fail. As babies, we don’t go from barely able to hold our heads up to running around the block the next day. You take one small baby step at a time. Take a gradient approach to your goals; Small, calculated steps will get you there a lot faster than big, misdirected ones.

Stairs were invented for a reason. No one makes it to the top with one step. Unless you're Spiderman.

Stairs were invented for a reason. No one makes it to the top with one step. Unless you’re Spiderman.

Our next Uncomfortable Truth:

You Need To Start Slow

If you want to really start heading towards your weight loss goal, make a few small, simple changes to see some big results. Here are the five simple changes I’ve made to see some serious results.

Skip The Coffee Cream – I’ve touched on this one a few times now, but it’s worth repeating. What is cow’s milk? It’s milk made by a mama cow to feed a baby cow. A cow that needs to grow up to be a helluva lot bigger than us a helluva lot quicker. More bad? Cow’s today are pumped full of so many hormones and antibiotics it’s amazing their milk and meat is still edible. When you’re starting your day, do you want to consume something that will jack your blood sugar and make you gain weight? Or something that tastes good, will give you much more energy, and will in turn jack your metabolism? Black coffee for the win! And throw away the sugar.

Sweet delicious coffee beans. Why ruin them with insta-fat?

Sweet delicious coffee beans. Why ruin them with insta-fat?

Burn All Of Your Artificial Sweeteners – Somehow it got into society’s head that artificial sweeteners are actually better for you than sugar. It’s time to unlearn this lie. We’ve all heard that they’re connecting aspartame with cancer, but in today’s world what doesn’t give us cancer, right? Faulty logic. If you know it’s no good, and you can cut it out, then cut it out! Artificial sweeteners are worse for you. There’s no denying it. If you absolutely must sweeten something, use organic honey. It is so much more delicious.

Here’s an article I found on artificial sweeteners from CBC if you need further convincing.

Cut The Carbs – Obviously I’ve already touched on this one, but if there is one thing I have found that has worked better than anything else I’ve done, it’s eliminating carbs from my diet. We consume enough carbohydrates in vegetables and meat that we should never need to turn to a bagel. Or pasta. Even if it’s whole grain, just avoid it. Nothing will you fill you up more, give you more energy, and make you feel like a million bucks better than a meal that is 75% vegetables and 25% meat. Last night for supper we had steaks with caramelized onions, sauteed mushrooms and roasted brussels sprouts, and it was the best damn meal I’ve had in a while. Carbs don’t add flavor or variety, they add pounds and inches. You may not be able to cut all carbs from your diet right away, and that’s okay. Baby steps. Start by eliminating them from one meal a day, and expand from there. And I would like to think this goes without saying, but just to be clear…..


Just because they're round doesn't mean they equal a well rounded diet.

Just because they’re round doesn’t mean they equal a well rounded diet.

Stop Snacking On High Calorie Snacks – A couple months ago I realized it was my tiny little cup of raisins and almonds holding me back from losing weight. At first it baffled me, until I mentioned it to my man-friend who looked at me like I had ten heads. Of course it was holding me back. That tiny little snack didn’t fill me, it wasn’t satisfying. It spiked my blood sugar, making me crave more food, and it was packed with more fat and calories than the whole plate of celery and hummus I could’ve had instead. Which incidentally tastes better and would’ve left me satisfied. Go through your cupboards. Throw out every little “100 Calorie Snack” bag you have. They will only leave you wanting more and keep you farther and farther away from your goals.

Junk is junk is junk. No matter what pretty wrapping you put on it.

Junk is junk is junk. No matter what pretty wrapping you put on it.

Move More – Okay, this one seems too simple to be true, but man does it work! Today we’re so concerned with time. Get there quicker, get it done, on to the next thing, go go go!!! We’ve completed so much by day’s end we figure we must have burned a million calories. But although your car was going really fast, your computer was working really hard, your vacuum was in peak form… You never really moved all that much. It may take a couple extra minutes but next time walk to the corner store to grab your eggs. And on the way back, do bicep curls with the bag. Sweep instead of vacuuming. Stand while you’re on your computer, and maybe do some push-ups on the counter while you’re trolling through Facebook. Did you know that I stand while writing every blog? My computer doesn’t live at a desk or dining room table. It lives on my kitchen counter so I can multi-task like a boss (or stay at home mom) and do squats or push-ups while I’m reading and writing. Have 30 seconds to stand around while the microwave counts down? Do a 30 second plank! You have time to fit in a 30 minute work out every day. You just have to do it in 30 second intervals. By the end of the day you’ll have more energy, you’ll sleep better, and when you wake up in the morning and weigh yourself? No better way to start the day than with a great big smile and renewed enthusiasm.

One set of 20 as you walk to the car. Best work out I know.

One set of 20 as you walk to the car. Best work out I know.

Those are my five easy peasy lemon squeezy ways to lose weight with minimal effort. And like I said, they’ve worked for me! Just find little ways to start implementing them. Before you know it you’ll hate the taste of cream in your coffee, you’ll forget why you ever drove to get the mail, and you’ll laugh at those poor misguided fools buying diet pop and 100 calorie snacks for their lunch.

What are some of your favorite little tweaks and adjustments you’ve made to help lose weight? Sound off below!

You can find me on Facebook at or Pinterest at and you can follow me on Twitter as @Last20Pounds. See you next week!


3 thoughts on “Five Easy Tweaks To Jump Start Your Weight Loss

  1. That coffee cream is the HARDEST to give up. It’s stupid how stubborn my “fat” self can get about quitting it! But definitely a necessary tip.

  2. I completely understand! I almost held a funeral for my last carton of coffee cream, I was so depressed to let it go. But now I LOVE black coffee. Try pairing it with different foods, on a “bad” day drinking black coffee with chocolate or caramel helps bring out the variety of different flavors. Helps to gain a new appreciation for the deliciousness that is the coffee bean!

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